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Artists Bio : Brian Smyth

Listed in The Sixth Edition of 'ADAMS, A Buyers Guide to Irish Art'


Brian Smyth was born in Cork in 1970 where he studied & worked prior to exhibiting in Dublin in 2000. In Smyth’s recent paintings he expresses the sensation of capturing and owning a fugitive experience.


Although the subject matter appears as a nostalgic foray into an idealized past, it is in reality his genuinely sensual and romantic view of the present. The enduring allure of this artist’s work is the evident depth of his technical capabilities. Transforming the essential components of rock, metal and organic matter into the complete illusion of a painting is central to his pursuit and he has taken his explorations of surface and pigment to a scientific level. He recently spent the greater part of two months indulging in many a painters dream, working within the exquisite surroundings of the Florence Academy. What captured Brian Smyth's imagination while studying a model of this new millennium was that the image of the female figure is as enduring and constant as the historic architecture within which he was working. Evocative images of light on skin are primary to his pictorial language and he instinctively engages in rendering both until they are finely tuned to his sensuous, exacting vision.


Genuinely the creator of his own ideal, Brian Smyth lays claim to languorous, intimate moments of life. He distances himself, the artist, whilst allowing us, the viewers, to share in his quiet observations.

Brian Smyth's work can be reflective in nature with images of the past which are still relevant.


Brian Smyth is listed in The Sixth Edition of 'ADAMS, A Buyers Guide to Irish Art'.

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