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Artists Bio : Dean Kelly

Dean Kelly's method involves his combining those elements to which he feels most attracted – drawing, and a respect and reliance on traditional methods is allied with an increasingly loose painterly aesthetic, which supersedes his previous over-cautious and tentative method. The graffiti inspired paintings of Jean Michel Basquiat, along with the child-like work of Paul Klee and Jean Dubuffet influence him greatly, and these 'freer' artistic forms, with expressive colour and mark-making, are combined, collaged, layered and juxtaposed using mixed media with elements of graphic design, tight representation, symbolism, imagery, and allusions to mythology, history, religion, politics or images of everyday family life.

The end result expresses those ideas, notions and theories that form the artist’s conception. He increasingly finds worth in the accidental, harnessing the intentional or directed ‘mistake’ – looking to Bacon in his application or to Pollock in his strategy, if not aesthetic.

modus operandi?

“This is a difficult business. I suppose the most trying aspect in this post-post-modern era is the challenge of being original. I don't necessarily sign-up to Damon Albarn's adage about post-modernism taking those things that went before and re-hashing and re-presenting 'in a knowing kind of way' - this is perhaps too mercenary or cynical. I never did take solace either from the idea that because all of the artistic peaks had already been traversed during the 20th century, in a way we were now 'free' to do what we like as artists... a bit too open-ended for my blood - and it always leaves me with a kind of hollowness - like hearing that Amundsen had already reached the pole using dogs or something! It means that the world leans back and dares you to impress. Also, the fact that 'anything goes' now is all too often used as an excuse for presenting poor work, which jades the eye of a viewing public.

In this time of post-simple-representation, the individual statement of the artist has gained increasing importance. One could argue that the ideas and reputation of the artist are as important as the visual quality of the work - with this in mind our challenge is to hopefully appeal to enough people while making your own statement to make it worth doing. It is a very lucky practitioner who has the public on-side while doing exactly what they want to be doing.

I don't see it as my particular job to recreate the world as we that are blessed with the ability to see it through our eyes, and to fix the same in relative permanence of oils on canvas no longer fascinates or occupies me as it may have done in the past. I am perhaps immodest or brazen enough to imagine that my ideas are worth bringing into the work, and that perhaps others of a like mind or who see something intriguing or beautiful or interesting or quirky or challenging or nostalgic in the work may just wish to continue the experience and take one home with them.

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