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Artists Bio : Debbie Chapman

Debbie Chapman is a contemporary-realist painter based in Dublin, Ireland. Self-taught, she took up full time painting in 2003 and has enjoyed remarkable commercial success. A former graphic design consultant with London’s Jevons Brown, she has applied a natural flair for the telling image to her instantly recognisable, modern paintings.

She has developed an international client base that includes private and corporate collectors and has  recently completed a high profile commission of her work for The Hermitage Clinic in West Dublin. 

Debbie’s paintings are beautifully realised studies of great detail, coupled with real emotion and sensitivity. Using her own body, photography and models who pose in her studio, she has explored a variety of subject matter. As someone who is genuinely enthralled with aesthetics, she has a deep passion for design and the evolving styles of fashion and architecture. 

A playful spirit pervades the work. This is particularly reflected  in the positive depictions of young and vibrant female subjects. As ever, they’re set against minimalist backgrounds but often coupled with touchstones of the subject’s childhood. Hopscotch and rollerskates are made time for in her paintings by women dressed for more adult occasions.

The primary focus on foreground images and the absence of background detail is a result of her desire to leave clues in the paintings rather than obvious meaning. This offers the viewer a chance to render their own interpretation of a piece.


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