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Artists Bio : Lucie Nouhaud

Lucie Nauhaud, born May 1965 in Périgueux, France, studied at the Bordeaux School of Applied Art where she graduated in 1985. With a yearning to broaden her artistic experiences she left France in 1987 to settle in Polynesia where, inspired by the traditional Maori culture, she began to work with Silk.


In 1994 Lucie returned to France where she decided to focus on her first passion - the art of pencil and ink drawing. She also began restoration work on her home, as Lucie began to etch and engrave the plaster panels she discovered that with the addition of some inks, a new expression for her art was being formed. Excited by these first results Lucie Nouhaud has spent years perfecting her art. The plaster into which she chisels, scarifies, digs into, fills in, polishes with such skill is then given it's depth of colour by superimposing deep fluid layers of caligraphy inks, acrylic, varnishes and wax.


Lucie Nouhaud's work evolves from her 'search into her materials' to produce spontanious works which are abstract, figurative or symbolic expressions. As if each piece was part of an archaeological search, the layers are worked and reworked, deconstructed and constructed til the final result unveils it's hidden secret.


Lucie spends much time in Ireland. She has exhibited in France, Belgium, Germany and United Kingdom as well as having work in private collections worldwide.









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