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Artists Bio : Mandie Magowan

Mandie Magowan is a graduate of Belfast Art College. Her paintings are snapshots in time from another world, and like stills from a film, they invite the viewer into a  different time and place where voluptuous women and curious animals live out a never ending story in the mysterious landscapes of some parallel universe.

The artist herself is also an observer and she sees each painting as a journey through this world and her own imagination. Sometimes she has a very clear vision of how a piece will turn out, other times she lets intuition take over and the painting takes on a life of it’s own.

Using acrylics and various painting techniques Mandie conveys atmosphere and emotion, yet still leaves something to the viewer’s imagination, allowing them to participate in the story.

Mandie gets a huge amount of pleasure from creating each painting, and hopes the viewer is entertained and intrigued by the images she creates.


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Pier road, Kinsale, West Cork, Ireland. Convent Road, Clonakilty, West Cork, Ireland.

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