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Artists Bio : Maria Kisbodri

About myself

My name is Kerekes Lászlóné, my maiden name is Maria Kisbodri, which I go by for my work.


I was born in Szeged, Hugary in 1964. In my childhood I loved painting and drawing end because of this I chose to attend the chinaware-painter secondary-grammer school which I finished in 1982.


Unfortunately I was too busy to devote enough time for painting, but always kept a fondness fir it. I worked for about 10 years as a shop window dresser, this helped me to develop my knowledge in other ways.

During those years, I participated with my water-colour paintings in some exhibitions in Szeged.


Later I worked in Border-Guard in Hungary. My oil-paintings were exhibited in my workplace's show in Budapest.


We moved to Ireland in 2004, where I can finally dedicate more time to painting.


About my paintings

There is a huge difference between china-ware and oil-paintings. To tell you the truth, I can't apply the knowledge in oil painting whit what I learnt in my childhood, so I had to get the hang of it. I think I succeeded and it energized me to do further painting.


I've become attached to Ireland with it's fabulous scenery where there are a lot of overgrown, blooming plants, trees and bushes. When I look at the scenery. I feel like I step back in time and love the calmness and the 'past' diffuse from the scenery. The Ocean is indescribable with it's frenzied power, sometimes quiet melancholy, whit it's variable colours. It appeals to me often in different ways, but the consequence is always the same: an enormous strength, which you can not only see but feel.


I'm fond of landscapes, but prefer sunsets, mostly becausethey can produce incredible colours.


Sometimes cold or warm colours make they shift and seem magical. When I see it, I feel inspired to paint it.


I love blue colours, wich you can find in most of my paintings, but I enjoy using warm, pastel colours too.


I love to play on light and the glow of the sunset.


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Pier road, Kinsale, West Cork, Ireland. Convent Road, Clonakilty, West Cork, Ireland.

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