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Artists Bio : Michael Collins 1890-1922

Michael Collins was born near Sam's Cross, Clonakilty, in October 1890 - Known as a Military Tactician, Economist, Statesman, Co-Founder of the Irish State, and son of a local farmer -- He led the Irish Volunteer force in a Guerrilla war against the British Empire from 1917 to 1921. The resulting Treaty with Britain secured Independence for 26 of the 32 Counties of Ireland, but also led to a tragic Civil War in which Michael Collins himself was killed in August 1922, at Béal na mBláth, County Cork, less than 20 miles from his birthplace.


Michael Collins has a statue of his likeness in Emmet Square, Clonakilty, where Michael lived from 1904 to 1906. Unveiled by actor Liam Neeson to honour the statesman, Neeson portrayed Collins in the 1996 film "Michael Collins," directed by Sligo-born Neil Jordan. The statue depicts Collins as he spoke at a rally outside O'Donovan's Hotel on Pearse St., Clonakilty.


At Buckley Fine Art we would like to honour Michael Collins 1890-1922 with a selection of High Quailty Fine Art, to commemorate our Local Hero. Contact us for a full selection of what is available. 


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