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Artists Bio : Philip Gray


Painting for Philip is like breathing, it is a vital component to living, without it there would be no him. Each new day, each new painting is a new journey into the unknown. He paints with total abandon, as Gray tackles each new canvas he feels a surge of renewed energy and anticipation of what will be revealed. The sea and water is his muse and source from which Gray translates his emotions from deep within.

All his life he has been drawn to the sea. Philip's past experiences as a naval diver provided the opportunity to experience the ocean wave and the quiet and mysterious depths below the surface. He interprets the surface of the ocean as the external of ourselves and the depths represent our inner being.

Whether the artist is starting a new painting, scuba diving, mountain climbing or travelling to extreme locations, each one is a new journey of discovery. Yes there is danger when we venture into waters unknown but what a great experience to attempt to go or do what no other has dared.

“Watch the sea closely on a day when the shore is full of foam,the waves crash like the symphony orchestra in perfect harmony. Our lives are busy but controlled, our dreams are coming to pass in a way that we desire, it is poetry in motion.”  - Philip Gray


Search "buckleyfineart" on You Tube and watch Philip's extreme art adventures on our channel.

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