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Artists Bio : Rose McGowan

Originally from Cork Ireland, Rose McGowan has been working from her Dublin Studio for the past number of years. A graduate from The Crawford College of Art and Design, 1996, Rose has kept up a commitment to painting while also working on many design projects. Her surroundings have always greatly affected her work. Living in many different locations - contrasting the vast space in landscape to crowded night cities. Rose McGowan’s paintings are a diary of emotion and change.

Using large canvas to portray the immediacy and intimacy of many still, dark moments much of Rose McGowan’s painting dramatically change under varied illumination, from spot lighting, to natural daylight. Metal and water surfaces shine from beneath, and sometimes on top of, heavy gloss, soaked with night. Her familiar confidence in allowing the weight of the oil itself to rest lazily on these night time surfaces is a constant surprise and delight, as the many aspects of these works become visible in varied lighting.

Rose McGowan’s work contains many large, impossibly deep, motionless scenes, which yield generous detail, create wholesome compositions and instil the stasis of appreciation of beauty. The largest work is over 6 x 6 feet, but most of the collection's pieces are 3 x 3 feet. These paintings are intensive with detail and welcome close scrutiny, but also reward distant observation.

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Pier road, Kinsale, West Cork, Ireland. Convent Road, Clonakilty, West Cork, Ireland.

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